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#GLTBookclub SketchNotes


In no particular order - my sketchnotes from the #GLTBookclub

If you are interested in listening to any of the audio recordings they are linked.

Should you wish to downlad all of thes sketchnotes as a single file - the image below links to them in pdf form

Adele Bates Miss I Don't Give A Sh*t Podcast

Adam Robbins Middle Leadership Mastery Podcast

Mary Myatt The Curriculum Podcast

Mary Myatt and John Tomsett Huh Podcast

Vivienne Porrit OBE and Keziah Featherstone Being 10% Braver Podcast

Harry Fletcher-Wood Habits of Success Podcast

Ruth Ashbee Curriculum Podcast

Chris McGrane Mathematical Tasks Podcast

Ed Watson Top Tips for New Teachers Podcast

Angela Browne Lighting the Way Podcast

Craig Barton Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain Podcast

Adam Boxer Teaching Secondary Science Podcast

Harry Fletcher-Wood Responsive Teaching Podcast

James Handscombe A School Built On Ethos Podcast

Matthew Evans Leaders with Substance podcast

Alex Quigley Closing the Reading Gap podcast

Edward Watson and Bradley Busch The Science of Learning 2 podcast

Clare Sealy The ResearchED Guide to the Curriculum podcast

Emma Turner Be More Toddler podcast

Ed Southall Yes, But Why podcast

Sarah Davies Talking About Oracy podcast

Michael Pershan Teaching Math with Examples podcast

Doug Lemov Practice Perfect podcast

Kat Howard Symbiosis podcast

Haili Hughes Mentoring In Schools podcast

Bennie Kara A Little Guide for Teachers:Diversity in Schools podcast

Zoe and mark Enser Generative Learning In Action podcast

Special Guest podcast