TMMathsIcons 13th Feb 2021 - Teaching Maths with OneNote

OneNote Index Page
Due to length this video has been split into three sections on Youtube.
  1. How I use OneNote in lessons
  2. How I structure my OneNote
  3. Tips and tricks

    1. Handout to followup video

      Within the session I briefly cover:
      • Useful toolbar buttons when working at the board (Page width and Insert/Remove empty space)
      • Using the Office Lens app
      • Inserting files
      • Drag and drop (insert printout)
      • Drag and drop (upload to OneDrive and insert link)
      • Print driver
      • Forward from Outlook
      • Using the Maths function to create graphs and solve equations
      • Changing the background colour/adding lines or squares
      Below are some other tips and tricks that I find useful along with, where available links to video clips.
      Embedding links
      The following websites will embed in OneNote when you copy the link in.
      • Youtube
      • Microsoft Stream
      • Desmos Calculator
      • Geogebra Activities
      • Microsoft Forms
      Using the built in OCR reader to get text from pictures.
      Password protecting sections.
      You can password protect sections ‑ but generally it's easier to store things in the Teacher Only area until you want students to see it.
      Inline calculations
      Ink replay
      Immersive reader
      Keyboard shortcuts
      • Alt Shift D
        Insert the current date
      • Ctrl M
        Opens a second copy of the OneNote on the same page ‑ useful for planning and moving sections.
      • Ctrl Home
        Jumps you to the top of the current OneNote page
      • Alt =
        Opens equation editor for nice formatting of Maths ‑ remember to use the spacebar after functions to complete formatting
      Default font
      Under Settings>Options
      If you are planning to use OneNote on a whiteboard/projector I would recommend setting your default font to at least 16pt.
      Default template
      If you have a standard set up you want to use for every page in a section you can create a Default template. Right click on any page in the section to find this option.
      Note ‑ the default template creates all new pages with same formatting, title and content.
      1. How do I save what I've done?
        You don't save anything.
        OneNote automatically syncs all content whilst you are online.
        This means anything in the Content Library is visible to students as soon as you put it there. I haven't found this an issue ‑ I populate the Content Library as I plan.
        But if there is content you don't want students to see then put this in the Teacher Only Area.

      2. How can I share the content with other members of my department?
        The only way to allow other teachers to see inside the Content Library is to add them as either a student or a teacher to your class.
        I would advise adding them as a Teacher, rather than a student.

      3. What if a student/another teacher or I delete something by accident?
        OneNote keeps versions of the pages when they are edited by other people. So, if a student or another teacher edits a page in error you will be able to retrieve the original using Page Versions (Right click on page to find this menu)
        If you delete something by accident and it's too late to use Ctrl Z then you might have some luck in the browser version. OneNote will sometimes save versions if they are edited on a different device.

      4. How do you use it to teach transformations?
        Honestly ‑ I don't ‑ there are better websites out there for that.
        Most often I use another website and put screen shots into the OneNote.
        If I want to use free rotate the I embed a Word document (Drag and drop, upload and insert link) and use the free rotate that is in Word.

      5. How do you keep and use stuff year on year?
        I usually set aside some time at the end of every academic year to copy the pages I have created into a master Notebook which I use for planning in future years.

        In Class Notebook you can use the Copy to Content Library to move Sections into other Class Notebooks
        You can move (not copy) any Section groups wholesale to other Notebooks (in your establishment account or personal account)
        You can copy or move sections into other Notebooks. (in your establishment account or personal account)
        You can copy or move multiple pages (shift and ctrl for selecting) into sections in other Notebooks

      6. How do you reuse your OneNote pages?
        If I'm happy with the inserted content then I just use the eraser tool to lasso tool to select the ink from the previous year and delete this.
        I then copy the page over into the current OneNote ready to teach.
        (Top tip make the page small and use the large eraser for quick erasing)

      7. We don't have Office 365 at school can I still teach with OneNote?
        Yes, if you have a Microsoft account you can create a OneNote in your personal area. Read only links can be shared.
        Obviously check with your school whether they are happy for this. The Class Notebook Facility may not be available to you, so you might need to Password Protect any Teacher Only Area you create.