Class Notebook Structure

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In response to a few queries, below is my recommendation for setting up the student area of the Class Notebook

The defaults are as follows:

Over time I have found that I often prefer to have Section Groups rather than sections, and these cannot be added at this stage.
You need to keep one Section to be able to push other Sections/Section griups out later. My choice is usually Homework, but any one will do.

Once the Notebook has been created you can then create new Section Groups which you can structure to support the students organisation.

You don't need to add all the sections as this time - in fact I would only add them as you need them:

After these two set up steps the students' area looks like this:

You can distribute new Sections (within Section Groups) and new Section Groups at any time.

Word of warning: these section Groups won't get added to new students to your class.
You can create additional default sections for all students (including future students) using the Manage Notebooks options in OneNote

and adding sections here: