Worked examples at A Level

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The idea of complete worked examples felt like a teaching method that would suit my Lower Sixth Further Maths A Level group well.

Especially in light of the fact we teach A Level Maths and Further Maths in series, so initially I would be teaching the Maths A Level and most of the class has studied the AQA Further Maths Level 2 certificate.

For topics that they had already seen I focused on checking their understanding of the mathematical concept, so that I could see they were not just applying a method.

In some cases I only started the example for them

On this set of prompts my second question was aimed at them realising that a fixed method might not always be the preferred method

I used this idea again on this example:

I moved towards labelling the prompts with the heading "Showing Understanding" - this was to encourage them to fill in the answers in their copy of the notes and to push them to use better language in their answers that did show understanding.

The next challenge is to see how this works with more unfamiliar topics... Watch this space!